Depending on the type of training, course participants enjoy the appropriate configuration of the following five panels.

  1. Theoretical and practical panel – the issue and the related problems are presented in detail.  We discuss specific cases and plan surgeries, do exercises on phantoms, and analyse live-observed surgical procedures.  Attention is paid to the most crucial elements which guarantee successful completion of the whole surgery and its individual procedures, and share our own experience and the experience of other leading implantological centres.
  2. Observation panel – the doctors and assistants participating in the training observe the surgeries performed by other doctors on monitors ensuring perfect visibility of the operating field.  The panel is a preparation phase for assisting in surgery.
  3. Indirect surgery panel – the doctors act as direct assistants, learn the rules of surgery performance, and catch every detail of using the instruments and the materials.  The panel is a preparation phase for unsupervised surgery performance.
  4. Direct surgery panel – course participants perform specific surgeries or procedures under the supervision of the tutor.
  5. Consultation panel – the performed surgeries are analysed and discussed.  It is possible to re-view selected fragments or the whole operations on the monitors, since the surgeries are recorded.  A thorough analysis and dissection of the surgeries into tiniest details eliminates any doubts and gives the training doctors confidence in the acquired knowledge and practical skills.

„If a man keeps cherishing his old knowledge, so as continually to be acquiring new, he may be a teacher of others”