Surgery Without Borders
A Course In Theory And Practice



  • indications and contraindications for oral surgical intervention
  • types of anaesthesia used in procedures
  • surgical instruments
  • surgical sets for different operative procedures
  • patient preparation to the surgery
  • methods of making the incision and dissecting the mucoperiosteal flap
  • surgery techniques (gouging, root tip resection, hemisection, cyst enucleation)
  • filling in bone defects (patient’s own bone, bone replacement materials)
  • surgical suturing methods
  • post-surgery procedures
  •  live or video-recorded surgery observation

WORKSHOP: Course participants perform surgical procedures on phantoms

COURSE OBJECTIVE: To acquire knowledge necessary to perform the major oral surgeries

Course hours –10 a.m. to 6 p.m. with a coffee/ lunch break
Number of participants – 12
Price – PLN 1200

The basic skills of a dental doctor include treatment of conditions requiring dental surgery. In their everyday practice, dentists need to perform immediate or planned surgical interventions to eliminate the cause of the ailment, or to achieve the designed anatomical and clinical conditions. This is the case in implant therapy, where the continually modified advanced implant procedures require the dentist to use equally sophisticated and perfectly mastered surgical techniques. Success of implant treatment depends heavily on learning and perfecting the techniques in question.

The educational offer of the VIVADENTAL Institute in the area of surgical treatment comprises the full scope of the soft tissue, hard tissue, and reconstructive surgery.

  • Soft tissue surgery: primarily plastic surgery on the gums and mucous membranes;
  • Hard tissue surgery: tooth gouging, root tip resection, hemisection, cyst enucleation;
  • Reconstructive surgery: bone regeneration in the case of atrophy or deficit

The objective of the course organised by the VIVADENTAL INSTITUTE is to provide knowledge necessary in the performance of major oral surgeries.  The participants prime gain, however, consists in an opportunity to acquire or perfect their practical manual skills in the selected surgical procedures, including the most challenging ones.