Professional Assistance




  • Terminology and nomenclature in implantology
  • Patient qualification for implant treatment
  • Principles and methods of communicating with the patient
  • Obtaining the patient’s consent
  • Setting the surgery date
  • Available radiological test methods
  • Medical and implantological documentation
  • Pre-surgical procedures
  • Preparation of the operating theatre, personnel, and the patient to the surgery
  • Instruments used in implant insertion surgery
  • Operation of the devices used in implant insertion surgery
  • Principles and methods of assisting in implantological procedures
  • Handling the tools and devices after the surgery
  • Documentation of the performed surgeries
  • Post-operative care and check-ups
  • Following the rules of oral hygiene
  • Live or video-recorded surgery observation

COURSE OBJECTIVE: To acquire general knowledge in implantology, apply devices and tools, administer medication, and learn the principles of the pre-, mid-, and post-surgery procedures.

Course hours –10 a.m. to 4 p.m. with a coffee break
Number of participants – 10
Price – PLN 600

Modern management of a dental practice is oriented on increasing involvement of dental assistants in the performed tasks and delegating a growing scope of authority and responsibility to them.  Each of us, dentists, knows well how much depends on having an efficient ‘second pair of hands’ to assists us, and how much an assistant qualified in the practiced special area is able to reduce the time required for individual procedures and improve their quality, as well as enhance the comfort of the dentist’s work.  In this way the assistants pertain to the success of both the practice, and the representing dentist.

The training offered by the VIVADENTAL INSTITUTE is structured so to equip dental assistants with the skills of professional assistance, patient management, and follow-up care.  The fact that assistants assume some of the jobs and responsibilities related to specific medical procedures which have traditionally rested with doctors will pave the way to deeper satisfaction with the patient treatment effects, while the awareness of sharing the effort to achieve the common goal will increase satisfaction of the whole team with the work performed.

The practical course in PROFESSIONAL ASSISTANCE offered by the VIVADENTAL INSTITUTE is preceded with theoretical training giving the participants the specific knowledge and practical skills in the area of professional dental implant assistance which requires their highest involvement compared to any other surgical procedure.

Participation in the PROFESSIONAL ASSISTANCE training will translate to increased share of a dental assistant in the performed implant surgeries and the accompanying procedures.  If this is adopted as a rule binding throughout the process, the dentist will need to share his/her knowledge and experience to the attainment of ever better results attained by the entire team.

Management is the art of achieving goals with the resources available at the organization, such as its assets, finance, and human resources, the latter being the most precious asset item.  Managing human resources consists in using the knowledge and skills of the employees to the optimum by delegating authority and responsibility to them.  On the one hand, delegating authority means entrusting certain tasks and keeping the employee accountable for the results.  On the other hand, it means offering care and actual support and guiding the employee towards the set goal.  The scope of the responsibility entrusted and the weight of the jobs done depend primarily on the employee’s competencies, knowledge and skills, as well as his/her predisposition to engage in problem solving, and finally on mutual trust.