Implantological Surgery
A Course In Theory And Practice

A course falling in the category of DENTAL IMPLANTOLOGY SKILLS

Accredited by OSIS-EDI



  • The concept of the implant-prosthetic treatment
  • Overview of the implant systems
  • Prerequisites of dental implants
  • Patient qualification for treatment
  • General and site-specific indications and contraindications for the application of an implant
  • Clinical and radiological diagnostics
  • Pre-operative procedures (preparation of the operating theatre, personnel, and patient)
  • Implant surgery instruments
  • Methods and technique of inserting implants
  • Post-surgery care and check-ups
  • Mid- and post-surgery procedures
  • Documentation of the performed surgeries
  • Live or video-recorded surgery observation

WORKSHOP: Course participants perform dental implant surgery on phantoms

COURSE OBJECTIVE: Theoretical foundations for unsupervised implantation surgery

Course hours –10 a.m. to 6 p.m. with a coffee/ lunch break
Number of participants – 10
Price – PLN 1200

Implantation is the technologically most advanced method of the missing teeth treatment.  It requires the dentist to have top qualifications and work with utter accuracy and precision, and possess broadly construed knowledge of the art.  In particular, the dentist must have mastered individual surgical procedures fundamental for proper insertion of an implant, and the prosthetic procedures to equip the patient with new teeth permanently integrated with the bone.

Implant treatment is gaining in popularity among the Polish patients.  The increased interest in this particular method of missing teeth treatment stems from its virtually 100% surgical effectiveness, both in the case of individual teeth missing, and total toothlessness, particularly of the mandible.

Most potential patients do not, however, have sufficient information to decide about taking up the implant treatment.  This is due to the relatively low supply of implant services, primarily in effect of the unsubstantiated belief prevailing among dentists about the difficulty of the implant treatment process itself, and the opportunities to acquire the necessary qualifications.  Wishing to disperse the apprehension, the VIVADENTAL INSTITUTE offers practical courses in implant treatment, giving future implantologists the knowledge and skills enabling them to treat their patients unsupervised.