Bone Regeneration
A Course In Theory And Practice

A course falling in the category of DENTAL IMPLANTOLOGY SKILLS

Accredited by OSIS-EDI



  • Biological determinants of the healing of bone wounds
  • Methods of assessing the condition and quality of the bone at the implant site
  • Selection of the surgical technique appropriate for the anatomic environment
  • Types of grafts and bone-replacement materials
  • Classification of barrier membranes – selection criteria
  • Technique applied in the guided bone regeneration surgeries
  • Open sinus lift procedure
  • Closed sinus lift procedure
  • Piezosurgical split osteotomy of the alveolar process
  • Methods to minimise the risk of complications in regenerative surgeries
  • Post-surgery care
  • Live or video-recorded surgery observation

WORKSHOP: Participants perform bone regeneration surgeries on phantoms

COURSE OBJECTIVE: To broaden the knowledge of implant placing using bone regeneration procedures

Course hours –10 a.m. to 6 a.m., with coffee/ lunch break
Number of participants – 10
Price – PLN 1200


In most cases, guided bone regeneration surgeries, also called GBR or augmentation techniques, broaden the possibilities of resorting to implantation and as such are of key importance in implantology.  The knowledge of guided bone regeneration techniques makes it possible to treat missing teeth difficult to replace due to the co-existing bone atrophy in the alveolar process of either the maxilla or the mandible.