The Coordinator Of The Researches

In July 2014 Mrs. MA Milena Supernak-Marczewska, the PhD student of Gdansk University of Technology joined to VIVADENTAL Team. She occupies the position of coordinator in the field of research and development.

Mrs. MA Milena Supernak-Marczewska is a graduate of Gdansk University of Technology from the Faculty of Mechanics. She has been studying structural materials and bio-materials. Currently she is preparing a doctoral thesis titled: “Bioactive chitosan membranes on titanium implants”. Most part of researches was done during her internship on University in Reykjavik with participation of Bloodbank, Landspitali-University Hospital and Innovation Center Iceland. During internship she had also an opportunity to being introduced of cell culture and also carrying out the research with using cultured cells. He was improving her skills in the field of surface engineering.

She got a scholarship from project InnoDoctorant for work supporting Regional Innovation Strategy and the head of researching project for young scientists titled: “Technologies of bioactive coatings on porous, non-toxic titanium alloy Ti-13Nb-13Zr. ”

She has been leading the lectures for Gdansk University of Technology students from Bio-materials and materials science laboratories.

During studying she was spending her free time on sailing. Nowadays she sacrifices leisure firstly for family and friends.

We wish Mrs. Milena fruitful cooperation, development of her scientific career and successes in researches realized in cooperation with Gdansk University of Technology.