Another stage in cooperation between VIVADENTAL Institute and Gdansk University of Technology

The cooperation between Gdansk University of Technology and VIVADENTAL / PGV / had been started before the formalizing of cooperation agreement, which was concluded on 17th of February 2014. In this time many meetings had place. The science staff of the future Team coming from PG often took part in many implant trainings held in VIVADENTAL Institute and the VIVADENTAL staff was getting knowledge from technological resources and the opportunities of researches realization in PG.

Since the signing of agreement, the cooperation took proper form and momentum. Partners have ambitious plans and specific research objectives and their beneficiaries are both Polish science Polish society. The point is that the results of studies that will be consistent with the assumptions, transposed directly to the needs of modern health care and treatment of patients. The research therefore include the patent developed models and the implementation of industrial production. It is a challenge to which partners joining forces and resources created a potential able to accomplish them. Professional execution of each project requires setting priorities and agenda, they know that both engineers and doctors, so as the introduction:

  • the cooperations’ rules are established
  • the team is established
  • the team leader is determined
  • the strategy of functioning is elaborated
  • the area of operation is defined
  • the research direction is determined
  • the potential partners are precised
  • targets are determined
  • the places and ways of fundraising are defined
  • activities planned to the end of 2014

At the beginning of October there seminary “The future of implantology” will take place, whereupon the results of cooperation and the most innovative dentistry trends will be presented.

We do not stop- VIVADENTAL creates new trends

The VIVADENATL Institute and Gdansk University of Technology together with business partners apply for organized competition by Management of Pomerania on Smart Specialization of this area. According to organizers the strategy of smart specialization should be a regional strategy of economic transformation which guarantees the competition and development in a long-term, including through building new competitive advantages based on knowledge resources.

The proposed Smart Specialisation is based on the expectations of society and the challenges of the global economy. Institute VIVADENTAL wants to create and produce products with high innovation and competitive prices, thus ensuring not only their patients, but to the whole public service at the highest level at prices affordable to all. VIVADENTAL Institute continually strives to meet the expectations of their patients. What other possible tomorrow is a challenge for us today.

The lectures on implant dentistry fo the students of Gdansk University of Technology

At the turn of May and June 2014 saw the launch of a specially designed educational program for students of Gdansk University of Technology. It is intended for people who link their future with biomaterials and research in this area, and includes further perspective. The first group of students was delighted the lectures conducted by the Director of the Institute VIVADENTAL dr. Med. Violetta Szycik that beyond purely substantive issues shared her 20 years of experience in implantology and floodplain identified the key elements of the dentist's work using the most modern technologies, including those related to rehabilitation with dental implants and bone reconstruction using biomaterials, stem cells and growth factors. Students accompanied PG Assistants from the Department of Materials Science and Welding belonging to the scientific research team PGV.

The educational program prepared by VIVADENTAL in cooperation with Gdansk University of Technology purposes emergence, acquiring and motivating the most talented students to future work in the researching team PGV.