Implantology – a chance to expand your Dental Practice

To many practicing doctors, implantology is a chance to expand their offer of surgical procedures and develop their own practice. This is because implantology as the method of missing tooth treatment enjoys a dynamically growing interest among the patients. Implantology is based on surgical procedures. More often than not, surgical procedures are not one of the top strengths of practicing dentist who frequently experience numerous problems in surgery. Thus, surgical operations become a restrictive barrier discouraging form the exploring the field of implantology. We have prepared effective solutions to address those problems. Many doctors believe that surgery is difficult and avoid it, simply being afraid to do anything to change it. They couldn’t be mistaken more because:

„All things are difficult before they are easy’
Margaret Fuller

The VIVADENTAL INSTITUTE offers professional training for dentists in the area of implant insertion and performing all sorts of implantological, surgical, and prosthetic procedures. The training courses held by our Institute oriented on developing practical skills in the participating doctors are an exceptionally effective method of acquiring new unique qualifications. They open an unmatched chance for swift introduction of implantological treatment to one’s own practice and making it a standard element of the offer, distinguishing the practice from among others and giving it a competitive edge. The unique competencies allow to win the market quickly and deepen the trust in the relationships with the existing clients. They can also serve as a barrier discouraging competition.

If you make implantology your domain:

  1. Your potential and options to solve most challenging problems of your patients safely will increase
  2. The newly acquired skills will disperse any misgivings you might ever have about performing complex surgeries.
  3. It will not be a problem to win new Patients and keep those you already have.
  4. Your satisfaction with the work done will grow in consequence and you will be more effective.
  5. All this will still leave you the pleasure of gaining knew knowledge and broadening your skills.
  6. Build a better perspective for yourself and your Firm and start today!

Contemporary stomatology is a continuously developing field of medicine ruled by the laws of economy and free market, just like the never-ending process of raising qualifications ingrained in the life of every doctor. When taking pro-developmental initiatives we need to be aware that the Patients’ needs can be created according to the rule saying that:

‘The patient does not buy products or services. He/she pays for having his/her needs satisfied’.

When pursuing their dreams about ever better looks the patients do not buy implants but satisfy their needs, and these are higher needs, such as the need of fame, domination, higher social status, respect, approval, prestige, or esteem. If you want to stimulate the demand for new needs effectively:

‘Think what your Patients will need in future and give it to them today at a price better than your competition could offer’

If you don’t think about future, don’t think about implants...