On 3rd of July 2014 in the headquarters of Node of Innovative Technologies near Aleja Zwyciestwa 27 / http://wit.pg.gda.pl / in Gdansk there had a place a seminary dedicated dental implants and opportunities of its using in patients’ therapy in contemporary medicine today and in the future.

The meeting was opened by The Head of Gdansk University of Technology Research Team and VIVADENTAL Prof. Dr. Medicine Engineer Andrzej Zielinski entrusting the leading of session Prof. Dr. Medicine Zdzislaw Bereznowski representing VIVADENTAL. He was speaking about sensitive areas linked with implants, drawbacks and imperfections of specific treatments, anatomy and physiology of bone tissue taking part in the process of implant integration and needs connected with them about improving these elements and processes. There were many smart questions confirming professional preparation of partners becoming a basis of drawing conclusions. The dominate role was by side of Gdansk University of Technology including Mr. Dr. Engineer Tomasz Seramak representing the Faculty of Mechanics, the Cathedral of Materials Engineering and Welding and Dr. Engineer Grzegorz Rotta and Dr. Engineer representing the Faculty of Mechanics, the Cathedral of Machinery and Vehicles construction. Also representatives of VIVADENTAL – Jerzy Ejmont and Jaroslaw Szycik took part in discussion.

In a wide and limitless debate there had place elaborating of a new, interesting conceptions concerning the solution of existing problems that are going to become a subject during next seminary.

It is worth to mention the fact that Prof. Dr. Engineer Andrzej Zielinski invited to take part in seminary group of outstanding students interested in bio-materials and research including: Paulina Jablonska, Dorota Marcinkowska, Agnieszka Wasila and Magdalena Roman. This fact proves a serious and professional research planning and taking into account the necessity of building fundaments of future staff to provide the continuation of research based on experience , the right patterns and also ethos of science and truth.