‘’Made to measure” implants or short implants?

The next VIVADENTAL INSTITUT and Gdansk University of Technology seminary  

On 23th of July 2014 in the headquarters of Wezel Innowacyjnych Technologii near Aleja Zwyciestwa 27 street in Gdansk / www.wit.pg.gda.pl /

there had a place another seminary of dental implants of PGV team.

Dr. Engineer Leszek Dabrowski representing the Faculty of Mechanics, the Cathedral of Machinery and Vehicles Construction was leading the scientific discussion after the introduce carried out by Prof. Dr. Engineer Andrzej Zielinski who is the Leader of Gdansk University of Technology Scientific Research Team/

Doctor was speaking about the implantation problem and he was representing conjectural technological solutions that let a possibility of more comfortable tension distribution in implant. He also presented the opportunities and the limits of technological solutions that can be used in dental implants. The conception was fulfilled by the voice of the implant skills leader Mrs. Dr Violetta Szycik., the President of VIVADENTAL Institution, who has been involved in implant practices for 20 years. In discussion took part prof. dr Zdzisław Bereznowski /VIVADENTAL/, prof.dr Andrzej Zieliński /Politechnika Gdańska/ and dr Tomasz Seramak /Politechnika Gdańska/ and Milena Supernak-Marczewska /VIVADENTAL/.

During seminar had place many theoretical solutions and the future researching plans.

The next seminar will take place at the beginning of the September 2014 in the VIVADENTAL INSTITUTION near street Aleja Zwyciestwa 48.

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